Lucy Boston

Monday, August 17, 2015

I've been a blog slug

The busyness of Summer-time hit me the last few weeks,
and I've been having fun, fun, fun.

After a really nice family vacation and 
then three really, really nice family reunions
(two of them held here at my home)
I'm about family reunioned out. :)
For the past three weeks,
I didn't even take the time to visit my favorite blogs.
(I miss you guys & gals!)
I was past ready to start this week with some meandering!
I did some free-motion climbing roses
on some great floral fabrics:
on a lap quilt that Vicki made,
for her daughter's 50th birthday:
Isn't it a beauty?
Just the break that I needed!

Now, I off to 'put up' some more squash,
as this week I've been zucchini-ed. 

(Zucchini-ed: VERB - the act of dropping an abundance of squash, or other vegetables, off on unsuspecting neighbor's porches.


  1. I've been a blog slug too this summer. You can come and zucchini me!!


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