Lucy Boston

Friday, August 7, 2015

a full body workout

In anticipation of my paternal family reunion,
I washed all of the house windows, inside and out.
Does anyone besides me think that 
window washing should qualify as a full-body workout?
Really - 38 windows inside and out, 
and 6 of them are sliding glass doors.
(I was so achy the next day that I thought I might just need to take a day off!)

But here's the rub (teehee - rub :)
I had purchased a new product about a month or so ago -
a product that the sales gal said she just loves to use on her windows, including her car windshield.

So, after my 38 windows were all squeaky-clean,

I went to the cleaning cupboard and grabbed 
(what I thought was) the new Waxy-cleaning-stuff.
Read the directions, and squirted wax on the inside of 
my first sliding patio door and rubbed away.  
Looked pretty good!
Did the other three sliding patio doors (inside).
Then did them on the outside, too.
Called it a day.
I went and showered and had a sit-down/relaxing stitching time 
in my lazy-girl chair before bedtime.
The next morning, as the sun rose on my house
(and windows),
I realized that my squeaky-clean windows were a
waxy, smeary mess!!
And me so tired and achy that I just had to laugh!

Fast forward to the end of this week,
and I'm still cleaning in anticipation of the reunion...
and what do I find in the food pantry???
(I don't know why the food pantry, but that's where it was.)
The Glass Wax product that I had purchased!
Me, oh my.
So, today, I rewashed all of the waxed windows and sliders.

And then I waxed ONE of the sliders so see what happened
if I used the right product.
SO much better! and the see what happens with the right product?
Bad window washing job
a very good wax - NOT for windows!
I crack myself up.
So, now my windows look so much better.
AND, I've had two full body workouts this week!



  1. LOL! I think your mistake is something most anyone could make. I know I used the wrong thing for a cleaning project one time but can't remember what it was.

  2. OMG NO! I need to clean mine too - thanks for the push. If you can do it twice, I can do it once! have a great reunion!

  3. Too funny! We installed replacement windows last Fall. I don't expect to have to wash any windows until 2020. Ha! Hope you have a great time with your family.


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