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Thursday, August 27, 2015

what do you do to get out of a slug-fest?

Do you ever get into a sewing/quilting funk? 
If so, what do you do to get out?

Since I don't really know what started my 'sluggishness'
about a month ago,
I didn't know what to do or how to get back 
to my normal, stitching, self.

But what I finally did?
I learned something new!!!
I made myself do something that
I've been going to do for over a year -
but kept putting off...
I loaded some fabric onto the long-arm machine
and did some free-motion Baptist Fans!!
Doesn't look too bad from this far away. Ha ha.
Not the greatest quilting I've ever done;
but not at bad as I thought it would be 
for a first time effort.
I started by marking blue, inch-apart-dots on only the first two fans, 
which you can kind of see in the above picture.
I only marked those first two fans, 
thinking I'd get the feel of the spacing and rhythm 
while moving the long-arm machine and going dot-to-dot.
My hope was that after those first two fans, 
I'd be able to replicate that spacing and rhythm across the loaded fabric sandwich.  And it worked...
there are areas in which I'll need to improve...
as I don't like the rounded-ness of the end of the arcs, 
show here:
But, there is the whole 
"if you can't see it while going by on a galloping horse" theory, right?
It sure feels good to out of the slug-fest!

Happy Thursday!

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