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Saturday, June 25, 2016

more quilting and meandering fun

Have I ever mentioned that I love my job? 
Earning a living, 
being creative and 
doing something I love, all at the same time!
The job that isn't really a job 
is that I get to quilt over the most adorable fabric creations, ever!
This past week I did a couple more 'jobs'...
fun times with fabric and threads!!! 
The first one to share is an adorable quilt for a baby arriving soon,
from her Great-grandma Louise!
With the sweetest hand embroidered roses throughout:

Next, I got to meander over this one:
Almost king-sized, for a son from his momma, Jackie!
It was made of flannels and oh, so soft.

I also worked on some of my own creations, and I'll share those at a later date.
The sun is shining and the humidity is relatively low, so I'm heading to the pool with the grand-kiddos!

Hope your weekend is wonderful!


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  1. Yes, you are indeed lucky that quilting is your job. But so are the people you quilt for! These are beautiful.


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