Lucy Boston

Monday, June 6, 2016

working through some UFQs

I've been doing some hand-embroidery -
well, really, it all started with working on 
some UFOs...UnFinished Objects.
Maybe the nicer sounding term would be
WISP - Works in Slow Progress, as 
these projects of mine have been in progress for years.  
Years ago (yes, it's really been years!!!), I started stitching the blocks for the Gardener's Alphabet (a Crabapple Hill pattern).
Recently I pulled out the basket of blocks from beside my Lazy Girl stitching chair, and instead of just looking at them and putting it right back in, I actually did some stitching

I've heard from people that don't quilt or hand-stitch
that they think it's weird that I have so many long-going projects.
But, for me, and I've also heard from other quilters, it's just the norm.
It's nice to be able to pick up a block and 
work on it for a while, then
switch to another project and stitch on that for a bit.

OR, it's an attention deficit thing and
I'm totally in denial. lol
Anyway, here are the last few blocks from The Gardener's Alphabet that I've hand-embroidered...(the crayon coloring was also done years ago).
Dicentra aka Bleeding Hearts:

I'd like to hear from other hand-stitchers and quilters - Do you also have a slew of UFOs in progress?  And, if like me, you also like the kinder and gentler acronym WISP just a little better.  :)

Happy Monday!! 
Hope you have some stitching time this week!


  1. I can't imagine not having a hand stitching project... or 3 -4 on the go. Even when I know I have other things to pick up I have a bit of a gasp when I finish something that has been hand worked/

  2. I only have a few WISPS, but, I have TONS of UFO's (not been touched in a year or more, usually more). My large quilt guild had a challenge, and we were to list our UFO's that measured 100" or larger, and I listed 28 of those, at that time. I did finish a few, but, I also added several more, since. If I can't die till I finish my projects, I'll NEVER die;)

  3. The crayon coloring blocks have a watercolor look. Nicely done.

  4. Those blocks are so beautiful. I have wanted to try the crayon method but have never done it. Yours look so soft and sweet. And, the next time someone tells you that you have too many projects going, tell them to ask me how many I have and that will quiet them down. My list of "quilts to make" is at 43 but I only have a little over 20 going right now. Sheesh!


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