Lucy Boston

Monday, February 6, 2017

smiling, quilting into February

January left Ohio Spring-like,
February came in like Spring-time,
and our Buckeye Chuck, the groundhog, got to see his shadow,
so maybe we'll still get some Winter weather around here
while it's supposed to be Winter time!
Not being snowed in and freezing is NOT
conducive (for me anyway) to getting much quilting done!!!

No excuses, really, but I'm missing my Winter, 
and cuddling under a quilt that I'm hand quilting or binding!!!
It's leaving me not stitching a whole lot with the nice, sunshiny weather. 😎

I've been playing in my Civil War repro fabric scraps a little,
and getting some small pieces sewn into blocks, but slow progress.

I have quilted a few more quilts for others...
here's a recent one, by a new quilter, Heather:
She made a T-shirt for a colleague's daughter's birthday, and it turned out GREAT!
I had fun quilting it, too! Here are a few pics of some of my fun...
Free-hand, long-arm fun:
 Funny story about this raspberry pink t-shirt block -

As I meandered over one corner, I smelled something, but I didn't really pay attention, just kept on meandering.  On the return pass of quilting, I came upon the smell again, and I stopped.  Looked around. Sniffed the air. Did a double-take, and then a double-sniff-in-the-air.  Yep, something smelled fruity!!  
So I leaned over the long-arm machine and sniffed the quilt.  Felt the t-shirt, sniffed again.  And burst out laughing!  It was a scratch and sniff t-shirt!!!  Rather raspberry-like in smell. That had me smiling the rest of that day.  

And I'm smiling again today, as I see the photo. I can just picture myself, sniffing around the long-arm, in the sunny quilting room, thinking about smelling fresh fruit, JUST like I was standing in the raspberry patch at grandma's long time ago.  

Hope your new week and February, too, are bringing you smiles!
Happy Stitching!!


  1. Scratch and sniff t-shirt?? Now that is a new one on me. I can't believe she is a new quilter. T-shirt quilts are not easy. Great job quilting it.

  2. That's funny about the raspberry smell. Who would have thought? A less than white winter is a sad thing. I hope there is some stormy weather coming your way.


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