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Monday, February 7, 2011

Concentric Log Cabin

Isn't this a keeper?
I love it!
The pattern is Concentric Log Cabin from
"Small quilts with Vintage Charm" - a Jo Morton book.

Remember, I talked about buying a kit and I don't usually buy kits?
'Cause, One, I already have gobs  tons  LOTS of fabric,
and Two, I REALLY enjoy choosing the fabrics for my own projects.
And there's more, but two's enough for now.

Anyway, the kit:  I really liked all of the colors and the fabrics and the price seemed right, SO...
I was thinking hard on it and the shop gals said there was a "kit sale" going on...
"SOLD"!  And since I already had the book -- well, only made sense!

Of course, knowing me, I would NOT be able to make the pattern/kit as it was kitted up...
No, had to add more strips - to fit a certain table, you know.

So instead of 25 "rounds", I did 35.  Yes, that is a whole lot of one inch strips to cut...
But totally worth it, don't you think?

Wait until I show you the close-up!!!  (tomorrow!)

Happy Monday!


  1. I absolutely love this quilt! You're going to inspire me to start digging through my reds!

  2. Thanks, I really like it, too - and I think it's the reds that make it! Thanks for stopping by, and have fun with yours -- you'll have to share a pic when you're done!!!


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