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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

houses...& dreams

We recently traveled from Ohio and went East...
We drove around some of the old villages and seaports...
Houses in Wickford, RI, from the late 1700's
to newly built homes along the rural by-ways.

I confirmed that I love architecture...
almost like quilt-making...
all of those finishing touches that make a house a home.

I have just a few pics of houses (and melting snow) from our travels:
The house where my Daughter and S-I-L live...
the square box house- very efficient and cozy:
They live on an island near Narraganset, Rhode Island, and you can't tell from this pic, but the winds have blown the snow up to the front and side doors so you can only get out by climbing out the side window and THEN shoveling!  What fun, huh?! 
My S-I-L is past tired of shoveling!

From southern RI, while we were out - we traveled up to the Adirondacks and visited friends who go cross-country skiing for a couple of months every winter, and this is where they stay:
 About the same size house as above, but a second story added for more sleeping area, with the snow piled all to one spot -right in front of the house.  Also very efficient and cozy.  I love the metal roof, with the melting snow and ice slides, the sounds of spring coming!

I found a house that I could have
 all of you 
over at the same time and we could
all spring, summer, and autumn!
Check it out:
It's near Green Hill Beach, in southern Rhode Island,
& I don't know whose this place is, or any particulars about it,
but Sweetie agreed:
Perfect Quilting House
It wasn't for sale, nor could I afford it if it was,
but dreaming is good, isn't it?

Great visit and travels, but,
OK, back to work --
we are back in Ohio-
the sun is shining and the snow is mostly melted. 

I know there's still a week of February left,
so hopefully some more snow coming to finish up the winter...

and I can sit in MY house
and be cozy and hear the season getting ready to change.
snow and dreams...

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