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Thursday, February 24, 2011


more chances to meander:

I quilted a twisty, snaky, wavy, meandering line on this,
and the borders I quilted with snakes(!)
as the border was a fun, snake fabric
(sorry the pic is a little dark, wish you could see the snakes in the border better).
This is Joell's, from a mystery night, I think;
and she is just cranking them out!
Another great finish  (and I'm still just a little jealous on all of her finishes)!
Next up is a table runner by Pat:
She is a new quilter and trying her hand at a couple of small pieces, hence the table runner.  It finished at 17" by 40";
I quilted it using the "vintage" stitch from my
Sashiko machine (heart, heart).
And, she even did a prairie point edge!
I love it when we (the collective we)
do things as beginners because we THINK WE CAN!

What will you do for your next project?

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