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Monday, December 19, 2011

folded Bow Tie block projects

In retrospect, I look back on that bow tie tutorial
and first I think...
wow, I can sure use some hand lotion!

Second, that was a LONG way to go
for such a quick and simple block.
So, when you see that tutorial,
don't be daunted by the fact that there are a ba-zillion pictures.
I was just trying to make it clear to you on how easy the block was to make...
clear as mud, right? :)
Really, they are simple!

So, anyway, here are a couple of pictures of finished projects.
Here's a point-y table runner - it's about 48" long.
And, here's a rectangle version for a table topper:
(They both have about the same number of squares in them, just laid out differently.
And, of course, the top pic has the muslin squares trimmed off on the ends of the runner.)
I used my home machine and stitched around each bow tie...
all down one side on the whole line of bow ties,
then back the other side of the whole line.
I started on the top-left corner,
and zig-zagged my way down and around each bow
to the bottom right-hand corner. 
 I used red thread on the red bow ties.
So, on the back, the quilting looks like it is rows of bows.
Then I used my Sashiko machine
and cross-hatched the alternate muslin blocks.
I've quilted a couple of these and they work up really fast!

Here is a pic of my basket of blues in progress.
I might have almost enough,
then I will start putting them together
with a muslin alternate block.
I want to make this look like an old and loved quilt,
so I'm going to make it
"be like a cookie" and
take a dunk in the coffee.
I don't drink coffee,
but my quilts do!
I love that look.

OK, that's all for now.
Let me know how your obsession is going.
I have heard from a couple of folks
that they are holding off on starting this until after the holidays.
Good luck with that! :)
I'm off to find me some good hand lotion
before I start stitching again!

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