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Thursday, December 1, 2011

the parade of homes

Gingerbread Style!
Making Memories. 
Sweetie called it:  Making Messes - as he had clean-up duty after the fun.

And the BEST of SHOW at the Parade of Homes this year:
The log home
with the graham-shingle-shake roofing
and Christmas light decor!
So, some of the homes needed to
"spend the night" in my neighborhood
until the mortar had a chance to set.
Others moved right away.
And others, yet, seem to be staying in this neighborhood - example below...

those college kids - don't know why they couldn't take their houses back on the planes with them:
side and front views:
This one is the work of the true-life interior designer:
but, she likes cows,
so that explains why she did a
pole barn, tractor, pastures with cows and pond.

Below is one of those "work with what you have" designs...
the urban concept with the gravel roof-top:
There was also a Hansel and Gretel house:
That one, above, makes my teeth hurt, just looking at it :).
There was this cute little retirement log house:
Other Contenders:
The trailer home pulled out early, so I didn't get a pic--
but, think retro 70's/80's:
pretzel stick log fire under the front overhang
& Nilla Wafer tires and a cookie/satellite dish on the roof.

Also don't have a pic of this:
in front of one of the houses,
there was a
cute little marshmallow & pretzel deer
that was taking out his
hunting season anguish
on a marshmallow snowman.
Poor frosty guy didn't look too good.

And, like I said before, I had to work the next morning, so poor Sweetie got the clean-up duty.
I call that good planning!

It was a good Parade of Homes show, wasn't it?
Fun, laughs, and lots of creativity.
Yep, making messes memories!

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