Lucy Boston

Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Well, that past week just flew by!
Don't know how I spent all of my time.
I know that I DIDN'T
clean house much
or put up any Christmas decor.

I do know that
I quilted and finished a commission project:
It belongs to Sharon,
and it's one of her first ever projects! 
Great, isn't it?
She decided that I could also trim and bind it,
as she'd like to have it finished for THIS Christmas :) !

Oh, something else that took up some of my time:
this past weekend
was the end of the year finale of the local shop hop---
aka: Quilt Spree.

It was a fun time, for sure.
I got to help set up Thursday night,
and work Friday and Saturday.
It was sooo much fun!
We are so blessed here in central Ohio to have some GREAT shops!
Of course, I bought just a couple of things - imagine that!

I also know that yesterday evening
I got two gifts made from my "Spree" purchases.
Woo woo!
I made a couple of quick place mats for the grand-daughter:
And, I know you can't tell from this photo,
but this black pile of "stuff"
is a neck wrap:
Only 1/3 yard of Minkie and about five minutes, and
really!, it's great and was wonderfully easy. 
May have to make a few more...
[family, if you are reading this, skip that last sentence :) ]

Anyway, they are just small gifts, but, they are off the list!
Back to work tomorrow a.m.-
can't wait!

How about you?
Are you getting stuff done and saying WoW!?


  1. I love the fabric on the place mats, which shop did you get it from? Also I'd love to hear more about the wraps out of minkie.

  2. OVERACHIEVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Lil ole me in Cville


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