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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

it's a grand time

Well, I finally got some decorating done in the house...
here's the first day of decorating:
Here's the end of the week,
another picture from the same view:
Yep, that's a different pic,
but not a thing has changed!!!
Oh, well, good intentions!

At least most of the boxes of "stuff" are out of the walking paths.
And, the ladder is against the wall, not open in front of the television.
It was so bad that it was overwhelming and I didn't want to do a thing!
Do you ever get that way?
(I even ran down to the end of the driveway to meet the mail lady,
so she wouldn't see in my house if she came to my door.:) 
That's how bad it was!!!
It's better now, though, thanks for asking!

I have most of my list of chores done...but I keep adding more things. 
I'm not letting it get to me though;
if it happens is happens.  If not, oh, well.

The end of this week
I am going to have my Sis's four children over
and we are going to bake cookies and decorate them-
the cookies, not the children...
and make up some trays to distribute.
(this is the day that Sis finishes up whatever she has to do without the kids underfoot...
whatever that may be...I think this year it is just the wrapping.
Her children aren't really at the age anymore to be underfoot -
it's just my excuse to kidnap all of them for a day!)

Here's a pic of the new cookie cutter I got!
Looks like fun, doesn't it?
And we have a grand time,
messing in the flour and sugar and sprinkles.

Later, and happy day to you!

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