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Monday, May 14, 2012

the potholder blocks

So, I'm sitting in my lazy girl chair,
with a whole
 pile of potholder blocks
on the arm of the chair...
all awaiting the final binding stitch down.

Sweetie walks through and says:
"Why do you need that many potholders?"
"A-HAAA!" I say.
"You do pay attention to my quilty stuff!"
"Quilting?" he says...
"I just see a bunch of potholders."
For a second there I thought he'd
caught the quilting bug...finally!
But after all of these years, he's still showing no interest.
I'm going to keep hoping, though :)

Here's a pic of that final batch of my 7 inch blocks:
Remember, mine are half-sized from the originals
in the Civil War Quilts book by Weeks/Beld.
(I got this great book at one of the local shops-The Good Wives Co.
The GWC have restocked this book several times, and it's available again if you'd like some
history of not only the Civil War, but quilts of that era.
I've already read through it a few times and still want to pick it up and read again!)

Also this week, I quilted the last few potholder blocks for Sandy:
 This picture, above, shows Sandy's 14" square blocks. 
These last four blocks will make a total of 24,
so after binding and whipping together, 
she has replicated
(from the Civil War Quilts book)
the Beverly Farms, Massachusetts original
56" by 84" cot quilt made in late 1864 to early 1865.

I'm off to finish my bindings,
then to do some whip-stitching.
I'll be back soon to show you my finish and where I'm
putting my half-sized potholder quilt-
and I'll have to wait to see if Sweetie notices that they're potholders:).

Happy Stitching to you
this middle week of May!

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