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Thursday, May 31, 2012

time-out, UFO's & May flowers

Weather, the noun, is still confused around here...
confused, but also confusing.
Temps in the high 90's already,
like it's August.
But really, it's the end of May.
Whew.  Where's the time going?

So, I have been trying to tackle
some of my studio quilt room "stuff"
each month this year
(and I can't even, in good conscience, call that room a studio;
It's such a mess in there that I can only call it a room that I go to quilt).

I have been sitting myself in a corner -
a sit-in-the-corner-time-out.
Self-imposed time out,
but working on trying
to stifle the quilt-y stuff
that has imploded upon itself.

The S-L-O-W progress
of un-imploding
has un-earthed some UFO's.

Which brings me back to the second paragraph...
finish an UFO each month.

And, THAT brings me back to the first paragraph...
Whew!  May is a goner!!!

BUT, I do have a close-to-finished quilt this month-
layered and ready to quilt!!!
I've entitled it "May flowers"

We haven't had the usual April showers this year,
but my time-outs have resulted in May flowers...
Pattern: "Wallflower Quilt" by Waltzing With Bears
It's wool on cotton, with YLI silk thread and Valdani pearl cotton for applique, and measures 40" by 57".
I made some of my blocks more three-dimensional by "gathering" or "scrunching" the wool when I was applying/stitching to the cotton-pieced backgrounds.
Whatever your projects,
here's wishing you plenty of time-outs, finishes, and May flowers!

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  1. Your flower quilt is very spring looking. I like the design a lot.


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