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Monday, May 7, 2012

stitching in the dark

I know, Wells are a DEEP subject.
But, it's not been very regular here lately 
around the Life is a Stitch household.

To start with, the weather is Wacky...with a capital W!
January was March-like
February was December-like
March was April-like
April was May-like
and now, May is mis-behaving also.
Way too much heat, humidity, and wind... and, of course,
all of that heat and humidity brings in WHOPPERS of storms.
Storms that blow trees over and take out electric and Internet
and zap electrical thingys like computer monitors among other things.

my main computer got one of those
super hidden
super NASTY
super so bad that
there were virus-eating
super viruses.

The computer guru helped out, and I'm back- sorta :), but that could be it's own story.
Next, another huge storm, and the power goes out!

All the extra rain that we're getting is making the
weeds take over like kudzu. 
 It's jungle-like out there!
And, I swear, I smacked a mosquito the end of April!

I know sometimes things get blamed on the phases of the moon.
And there was a SUPER MOON that sure was beautiful.
But, it was so pretty that I'm not blaming anything on it.

So, with all of the storms and power outages,
I've been doing a lot of hand stitching.

Stitching until it gets too dark to see to stitch.

On the note of power outages:
we did install a partial-house generator.
But I couldn't talk Sweetie into
putting my sewing machines
on the circuit
that is powered up
if the storms take out the power.
Something about heat, refrigerator and freezer
being more important
than sewing machines. :) 

Oh, yeah,
my camera is also acting up...
so just one picture to share...
the "s" block of "Gardener's Alphabet",
a Crabapple Hill pattern.

Hope your week is great!
I'm off to do some meandering now that the
power is on.
And, after it cools down this evening
when the African heat it fading,
I may tackle some of that Kudzu Jungle
that is overtaking the water garden, flower beds,
& trying to envelope the house! :)

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  1. Pat an I really enjoyed your blog today, thanks.


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