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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

steamy, stitching, cooking, busy & holiday

Old Man Weather is still confused it seems...
Again with the weather that's from the wrong month!
90 degrees and humid.  It's May, not August.
But I like it!  Makes for nice warm pool water.

I've been stitching a little in the evenings -
The "S" is done
except for the pressing.
And now I've started the "W-X" block...
all colored, and partially stitched
I've also been asked and hired to do some cooking-
asked: grad parties; hired: township senior group.

Lastly, it's Memorial Week/Weekend!!!
That's where the busy comes in... 
there are 5 high school grads and two college grads. 
All with parties in the next few weeks.

No, my garden is not in. 
Nor are the planter boxes.
Poor chicken nesting box condo is sittin' empty...

But it will get there. 
Always does.
And I wouldn't change a thing!

Happy Busy Holiday week and weekend to you, to!!!
Hope it's as productive as you want it to be.

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