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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

quilts through my camera lens... NQA (2)

Sharing more pics from my trips to the
National Quilting Association show
that was in Columbus, Ohio last weekend.
To start, there was this beautiful whole cloth:

Hearts and Flowers by Terri Doyle
adapted from Elise Campbell's hand quilting patterns
Then there were the Crazies... it was difficult to get a pic without
people in front of these beauties, so I only have this one:
Gerlinde Hruzek maker & quilter;
all done by hand: embroidery, beading, broderie perse, quilting,
and most of the piecing
More applique!

"Mi Amor" by Margarete Heinish
done as a gift for D and S-I-L's 25th anniversary
This was also hard to get a complete picture, as there were always peeps up close and looking at the wonderful hand-applique and hand-embroidery.
(Do you think we can get Margarete to adopt us and make us this quilt??!)

a shot across the middle of the quilt, "Mi Amor"

A close-up of the rose wreath on "Mi Amor"
And then there was more hand-applique:

"My" Little Brown Bird
hand-appliqued and hand-quilted by Angie Witting,
pattern by Margaret Docherty.
(This is the left side of the quilt)

"My" Little Brown Bird,
right side
Lastly for today, I hope I have this one right...
I finally snapped a pic of the whole 8 panel quilt without someone standing/walking in front of it, BUT
I didn't get a shot of the entry tag...
If anyone else got a shot of this or you know the entrants, please let me know so I can give proper credit.

The Amazing Eight
including Cindy Neville - maker,
Dana Lynch - quilter.
One photo, 8 women, 2 continents, lifelong friendship.
So, that's all for today, folks...
I'm off to do some binding work on a hexagon quilt!
Tomorrow I'll share some of the "Winner's Circle" pics.

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  1. I also enjoyed the 8 panel quilt at the show, but I don't know who made it, sorry.