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Monday, June 18, 2012

Where my quilting heart lies... NQA (1)

The NQA Show - (National Quilting Association)
was in Columbus, Ohio this past weekend!!!
I was able to attend a couple of times,
and I took some pics,
so I thought I share.

There was amazing talent represented.
Looking back, after the show was over,
I realized that most of my pics were of
hand-appliqued or hand-embroidered quilts.
Most were also machine-pieced and machine-quilted.

Guess you can tell where my quilting heart lies...
hand-applique, hand-embroidery,
and quilting!

These pictures were taken as I walked around,
so there's no category orderliness -
which is also how I work -
jumping around with no category orderliness :)

a "Bunny Hill" Pattern: "A Tisket A Tasket"
made by Carol Hainen, quilted by Jane Volters

Marty Rigo - quilter, Penny Dixon - maker.
A Crabapple Hill Studio pattern

Fall'n Star
by Jan Mathews - maker, Brandy Rice - quilter.
J. Niemeyer's Hawaiian Star pattern.
And check out the stitching on the back of this Fall'n Star!!!

This next one looked like it was all reverse applique, 196 blocks, all different, and she finished it on an Alaskan cruise, hence the name:
Northwest Passage
made by Diane Johnston, quilted by Cory Allender.
pattern "Dutch Treat" by Judy Garden.

and a little of the back of Northwest Passage
to show the quilting
 The next quilt was in the Scrap category,
and it had over 150 different reproduction fabrics!!! 
And, what's better than stars?? 
In my book, not much.
Unless it's STARS
Stellar Legacy
made and quilted by Diane Livezey
Adaptation from a Sue Gorman book - Legacies of Love
More quilts from the NQA show later, as I'm off to do some meandering...

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