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Thursday, June 7, 2012

quilting & a bow tie quilt

Among other things,
I have been quilting this past week...
though I can't share a couple of the finishes (:both big-'uns:),
as the owner doesn't have them back in her hands yet. 

But, I do have a picture of a baby quilt that I got to quilt.
A mom, daughter and daughter-in-law got together and
whipped stitched up a gifty baby quilt, pronto...
they made the origami or folded bow ties (see my tutorial by clicking here)
and it's just baby-girl-licious in lilacs and pale green polka dots.
Makes me want to go make one in those colors.
The quilt, not the baby :)
 Here's a closer view of those little bow ties:
Aren't they just the cutest?

I'm still stitching away on my blue bow tie blocks, and
I have a whole little basket full of them:
Last count: 200 blue bow tie blocks
(I think that I have
every blue reproduction fabric
from each of the local quilt shops,
so last time I visited a not so local shop,
I picked up a few more blues for making more bow ties:
These little folded bow ties are just so fast & easy to make up,
and I've warned this before, but it needs repeating:
very addictive!

So, off to bed tonight,
ooops, guess it's already turned to early a.m....
I have more quilting to do today,
AND a lunch date!:  I get to meet up with a friend
that worked with me at the
closed AIS Quilt Shop.

OH, and I might have signed up for a certain b.o.w....
more on that later.
What are you working on lately???

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  1. I still haven't tried those bow ties, but I'm going to - they're on my list :))) And they do make a really cute baby quilt.
    I'm doing some applique for this summer. It's wool and cotton.


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