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Friday, June 22, 2012

winners circle - NQA (3)

These last few pics below are my last from
The NQA show that was in central Ohio last weekend...
All of the quilts in the show were wonderful.
I know that there is/are
certain criteria that need be met
to be chosen "a winner" in any quilt show.
But, I'm here to tell you
that even though I'm not qualified to be a judge,
all of the entrants and their quilts
were winners in my book!!

Some of The Winner's Circle:

Small Quilts - Mixed Technique:
Old Glory by Judy Huffman, maker & quilter

Small Quilts-appliqued:
Red & Green Revisited by Teri Henderson Tope, maker & quilter
Large Quilts - Pieced:
America, Let it Shine
by Sherry Reynolds
an original design.
This quilt was made as a tribute to
America's foundations and values. 
The quilt had stitching that included:
 part of the Gettysburg Address,
Preamble to the Constitution,
and Declaration of Independence.
The maker also embellished it with 5,121 Swavrski crystals -
that number represents the following:
 the number of words in the original Constitution (4543),
the words in the Star Spangled Banner (312),
the words in the Pledge of Allegiance (31),
and the 235 years America has been a country.
She also had symbolism in the number of points in the outside blue compass points - 13 for the original colonies.  I'm sure that there was more, but that's what I can remember :) 

the back of "America Let it Shine"
This winner was in the
Small Quilts - Mixed Technique category:
Red Letter Daze
by Janet Stone - maker and Quilter
She was inspired by cross stitch Quaker samplers.
The blocks were pieced or appliqued,
bound, and then appliqued onto the background.
Alphabet and scrolls were free-motion embroidered.
OK - so this last quilt, "Red Letter Daze", was of particular interest to me...
did you notice the statement that I made bold? 
She did Hot Pad Blocks!
and then appliqued them onto a background!!!
Similar to the Civil War quilts and their Hot Pad block quilts! 
I would have liked to have been able to talk to Ms. Stone at the show - not only about all of the history she put into her quilt, but also her inspiration in the way that she finished it.

Now, I'll have to start making better Hot Pads! :)

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  1. Well here I am! I had no idea what a "hot pad block" was until I just now Googled it. The blocks on Red Letter Daze were appliqued onto the background and then the whole quilt was quilted. I would be happy to answer any questions you have about it. Thanks!


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