Lucy Boston

Saturday, April 13, 2013

My International Quilt Festival (IQF) trip was fun!
Just a little "haul" -
haul as in a two hour drive each way. 
And haul as in a few acquisitions :)
I found some poisons -
poison green that is.
The pre-cuts (charm squares & little thimbles) 
on the left were from Primitive Gatherings.
Top & center, blue fq's from Backdoor Quilts/Indiana.
Center:  poison green half yards.
And on the left: a pattern (: that I didn't need:)
and some conversation prints from Judy Rothermel.
Those poison green fabrics are "Charleston 1850"
by Newcastle fabrics.
Aren't they great???!!!
I also strolled the quilt show...
and enjoyed seeing all of the fabulous workmanship, and took a few pics...
First thing I walk into:

LUCY!!! -as in Lucy Boston, Patchwork of the Crosses
 This Lucy/POTC was done with paper pieces about 3/4", not the 1 inch pieces that I'm using or that the original Lucy used.  Beautiful workmanship!
 Then I saw this applique and trapunto beauty that was all done by hand!!!  Just lovely.  The colors just pulled you in!
Of course I had to take a pic of some embroidery!
Red work embroidery with yo-yos!
It was a beautiful show.
I thought the number of vendors seemed down from last year, but I didn't investigate. 
Also, I thought the number of attendees was low while I was there.
But I was there on a Thursday afternoon,
so hopefully for the sake of the show and vendors,
it was packed with shoppers on Friday and today!


  1. Beautiful quilts and some very good finds.

  2. that green! i have not heard of that fabric line. quess i'll have to look it up.


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