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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

I found a way to get more quilting time!!! & recent quilting

OK - not really -
I DID NOT find a way to get more quilting time.
Only dreaming.  
Or an April 1st joke. 
But it would be nice, wouldn't it?
Unlimited quilting time and projects?
This subject come up because of all the CUTE, GREAT QUILTS I get to meander over.

As an example:  Sharon's little hand-stitched piece from a pattern from Primitive Quilts and Projects Spring 2013 magazine:
 (sorry, I tried three times, and this pic does not want to be right side up.)
The next piece I got to quilt is a shop sample for Good Wives Co.:
(four blocks for a table topper finished at about 50" square)
Wouldn't this be great - maybe four blocks by four blocks,
summer weight and tied for a MY bed??!
I know, *I DO NOT NEED another project*,
but (:there's always a but! :) 
this one would be a fast and easy finish!!

Another finish by Sharon:
I love the colors of this... may have to add this to my project wish list.  I know, I know... *, see above* :)

Last on the quilting list for the past couple of weeks:
(sorry again! this pic does not want to be right side up, either.)
Karen finished up this Ohio State University quilt - it's 57" by 62", and she seemed to have it done in no time at all.  The pattern is by AD Designs - Alphabet Soup Quilt Patterns.

I DO have one of these OSU quilts in the works for a gift...
but only about half of my pieced blocks are made,
so I should get right on this, shouldn't I?

Every quilt that I get meander over makes me want to start another project!!
Is there a way to make more quilting time???

Happy first week of April!
(and please let me know if you come up with a way to get more quilting time!)


  1. The only way I've figured out to have more quilting time is to spend less time cooking and cleaning. But, I'm sure you've already figured that out for yourself.

  2. I was just looking at the Spring Blooms pattern in the magazine and then I see it on your blog. Something I would like to make.

  3. I think you get a lot done, certainly more than I do; and working also. Enjoyed the Good Wives class schedule and saw several of your projects. Wish I was close by to, take a few classes.


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