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Thursday, April 18, 2013

International Quilt Festival sharing

Don't you just love house quilts?  This one was a beauty!!!  I stood in front of these houses for quite a while admiring all of the character in each one.  It made me want to go visit Switzerland to see if I could find each and every one of the houses.
This feathered star quilt (made by Cyndia Berner/Indianapolis, IN) had a great mix of block styles that drew me in.  It was a reproduction of an antique quilt - no wonder I was sucked in :).
And finally, this bright, sunny and fun one:
It was made in a guild exchange (Barb Zapp, Duluth, Minnesota).
Each member made a whole sunflower block, then quartered it and exchanged the quarters. 
Wouldn't that be fun?

Well, that's the last of my pics to share from
IQF - Cincinnati, Ohio 2013
(I could have taken a whole digital memory card full of pics,
it was that good of a show of quilts.)
If I let it,
a show that good could make me feel lacking in quilting skills :)
Instead, I'll take inspiration!
So much inspiration, so little time.


  1. Oh that house quilt is amazing! Thanks for sharing. And I love the sunflower quarter quilt from here in Duluth MN.

  2. I'm loving the house quilt also! Thanks for getting picture for us folk who couldn't go to Cinci.

  3. Same here... the house quilt is amazing. I love the color in it and the amount of work is astounding! Thank you for sharing with us.


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