Lucy Boston

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

from Shipshewana to Lucy Boston POTC

My year-long POTC journey -
my one-block-a-week-this-year goal
is nearing the end.
I only have a few blocks left to make for my

 Lucy Boston - 
Patchwork Of The Crosses quilt!!
And if I haven't miscounted in my block-making,
I should be finished in mid January!
 I think I only need the following blocks:
  • two blocks for the last weeks of November
  • four blocks for the four weeks of December
  • two more blocks for the beginning of January.
So a little addition to the stash was in order to finish the blocks!
Of course, while retreating in Shipshewana,
I visited all the local quilt shops.
(You would too, wouldn't you?)
And I picked up a few (mostly) fat quarters
(specifically for POTC) at each shop.

See this picture?:
pinks, corals, some greens and browns
for my Lucy - POTC

 AND this picture?:
blues, with a little coordinating brown
for my Lucy - POTC
That seems like it should be plenty to
make only eight more blocks, don't you think?

I continued unpacking my retreat 'stuff'...
digging deeper into my travel project bag,
and what do you think I found???
MORE fabric that I had purchased for my POTC!:

So, see THIS picture?:
more blues, pinks and corals...
yes, I liked the pretty blue stripe/scallop (top, right)
so much that I purchased it twice!
All for my Lucy - POTC

mulberries, greens and some great blue stripes
All for my Lucy - POTC

The four pictures above,
show my addition of stash fabric.

From Shipshewana, Indiana...
to Lucy Boston, Patchwork of the Crosses.

IF each of these pieces was only a quarter yard
they'd add up to 15 - yes, FIFTEEN yards!!!

Guess I now have enough to finish those 8 blocks,
don't you think? :)


  1. yes, you MAY have enough fabric to make 8 more blocks ;). welcome to the club! t in tx

  2. You win! I came home with only 12 yards. ;o)

  3. SWEET! but bad, bad, bad :) We are ALL so bad! Love your new fabrics and can't wait to see your new Lucy blocks!

  4. I think you may have enough fabric for those 8 blocks.......and A LOT of fabric for your TGWT project :)

  5. Wow, I can't believe all those fat quarters added up to 15 yards of fabric. $$$$$

  6. Love your fabric selections! I have been trying to identify the one of the fabrics that you show in your second photo. It is the grouping of blues. I am trying to find out who the designer/manufacturer of the cream background with the wavy feather design is. It is in the corner of the photo. If you could share any info you can about this piece I would be grateful. Thank you!

    1. Unknown: Thanks for the nice compliment on my fabric choices!, and I'm sorry I can't reply to you directly, as you're designated as an unknown commenter with no email address... so hopefully you come back and read this!

      The cream with blue wavy feathers is an older Windham fabric. It came in red, green, or blue. The selvedge edge reads: In Association with the Daughters of the American Revolution Presents the Eagle Medallion Collection - Ca.1825, followed with the pattern #31708. (c) and six color-dots.
      I purchased mine about two years ago, but there are still a few shops out there who have it in stock! I saw the red at Lolly's in Shipshewana, IN. just a month ago! Good luck, and hope you can share a picture of your project when you find this fabric and work it in!!


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