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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

my August LUCY Patchwork of the Crosses blocks

I'm still lovin' my Lucy!
Here are my four blocks for August:
Lucy Boston - Patchwork of the Crosses - August blocks
Still think it's time to start connecting my blocks...

I think I mentioned before that I wasn't finding fabric (for connecting squares) that I LOVED that went well with all the patterns and colors in the blocks for this quilt...
Part of the problem was that I had wanted to get quite a few of blocks done before I started connecting them as  I wanted to be able to spread out the blocks to balance the  blocks/colors across the quilt. 
I finally chose my fabric to make the connecting squares,
so now I can start making a quilt from all these blocks! 
It's a light blue/slate gray/linen-looking fabric. 
I had hoped to find something that was a little more patterned, but after laying blocks all over many bolts of fabric at the LQS, I went with the fabric that was my first choice.  Isn't that how it usually is? 
Choose a few bolts of fabric and put them on the cutting table, choose some more bolts and add to the stack on the cutting table, ask opinions, then go with your first instinct? :) 
Is it just me and my problem habit of playing with fabric
or do you do this also?

And, finally, I'm kind of proud of myself -
I'm still up to date on
my goal of
one block a week
on this, my Lucy project for this year!
That's 35 blocks so far!!!

What are you stitching on this week?


  1. Those blocks are looking great! I've been in a quilt store here that is doing those blocks, and, each time I see the blocks, I think of your blocks. Glad you found the backing fabric for your blocks. That is usually a difficult thing, when you are using so many different fabrics.

  2. Hello Debra, I have chosen my background colours, for some reason it was not a real problem except maybe the connecting little squares, but that has been chosen and will stay with it. Chose cream with a greyish/fawn small patterned fabric for the connectors.Still sorting out the papers for the hexagons. Will try a thinnish card and see if this makes a better looking lot. Not happy with freezer paper.ShirleyN.Z.


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