Lucy Boston

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

change of plans or mind or 2+29

After a couple of folks/family members
gave me the strangest looks,
and I had a phone call (or three)
about things I was supposed to be doing
(or already have done),
I finally figured it out...
THIS weekend
is the three day holiday weekend of Memorial Day...
NOT the following weekend!

In my mind, I still have one more week before the end of the month.
Wait - there is one more week before the end of the month!

Memorial Day-
our day of commemoration
for the men & women who died while in military service -
is celebrated on
here's the rub -  the last Monday of the month -
NOT the last weekend of the month of May.

Which I knew - really I did... I just hadn't put two and two 29 together to know that the last Monday is the 26th, NOT the 31st!

So after I got that changed around in my mind,
I decided to get myself in gear and do what I thought I still had another week to do - I finished a couple more customer quilts early this week -
Fun, Fun, Fun!!

The first is Janet's great work -
all scarlet and gray and Ohio-State-Buckeye-ish:
(I folded over the backing on the far left
so you could see how gorgeous it is, too.)
Here's a close-up of the fabrics:
Aren't they great fabrics?!
She made it for a gift for later this year - lucky recipient!

This second quilt is Peg's:
(Yes, this photo makes the quilt look a little wonky -
sorry!, but it really was perfectly squared.)


She made it for her Tar Heel son, who is an avid golfer
(She's planning on gifting it this weekend while she's there visiting...for Memorial Day).
Cute, isn't it?

I have one more quilt on the machine this week -
hopefully ready for pickup this Saturday
(now that I've figured out which weekend is which),
then a nice,
long, holiday weekend with the grandkids!


  1. You are absolutely right. I was thinking the same thing. Glad you set me straight.

  2. HaHa!! I know the feeling of loosing time ALL the time! lol Love the quilts - esecially the golf one because Peg was taking it south to gift on this holiday and you thought you had another week to do it! I'm guesing that she was one of the callers? lol
    ps I like the red and gray one also, but those are not my colors or team!
    t in tx

  3. LOL that is funny. I loose a day sometimes, but a week?


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