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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

the doll quilt that I sent for the Swap

On April 17th, 2014,
I finished
my little doll quilt
for the swap that Lori hosted,
and took it out into the sunshine to photograph:
And the back:
(With label and hanging corner pockets.)
After the quick photo session,
I packaged it up and got it posted - 
(with a few days to spare before the Easter deadline)
off to Marian, my swap partner in Australia!!

Little did I know it would be THE S-L-O-W-E-S-T mail trip ever!
I had about given up, and
had found myself stewing -

"what if she never gets her little quilt and she thinks I'm a deadbeat swapper?"
"what if it does finally make it to her and she thinks my little quilt is awful,
that I'm an awful quilter?"
BUT...last night,
five days short of a month,
I heard from Marian,
and it has arrived!!
Marian sent the nicest thank you email...
She said: "It was ssoooo worth the wait and I never gave up hope, not for a minute."  
"I'm thrilled to bits" and "I love everything about my little quilt.. it’s PERFECT."
Whew! I am SO relieved! 
Doesn't that sound like she really likes it?? :)
And, maybe she's more used to the slowness of mail from the U.S.?
SO - Here are the particulars:
The little squares finished at 3/4 of an inch -
(I put a penny on the right border to show the scale a little better)
and the quilt finished at 11 by 12 inches.
I quilted it diagonally (one direction only), with my Sashiko machine,
in light brown YLI hand/machine quilting thread.

I made all of those little squares 
from the top few layers of my scrap basket,
so probably only from the last few years of quilts.

It sure was fun digging through the scraps
and reminiscing about past quilts
while I made this little quilt.
But, bad thing:
I can not even tell that I used ANY of my little scraps!
Guess I should make a few more scrap quilts!

Thanks, Lori, for coordinating the doll quilt swap!
It was wonderful!!!

*Sigh of relief here* :)


  1. Your little quilt sure is a cutie and I would be so glad to have recieved it!! I sure wish I had joined in the swap.
    t in tx

    1. Thanks so much, T in TX! It was a fun swap! It didn't take much time, really, as I already had the scraps of fabric cut. Next time you'll have to join the fun!


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