Lucy Boston

Friday, May 16, 2014

more Lucy Love - Lucy Boston, Patchwork of the Crosses that is

I'm stitching together another row of my
Patchwork of the Crosses - Lucy Boston blocks, and
I found a couple more blocks that I don't think I've shared before.
(I guess I've just been too excited about getting them stitched together to take the time to photograph and share!)

Both of the blocks I am sharing today I made with only one fabric each:

And, the fabrics from which they were cut:
Divers 1863, Margo Krager - Newcastle Fabrics
Scarlet Evening, Judie Rothermel  - Marcus Fabrics
(FYI:  I took these photos in the same location with the same lighting and camera/settings,
but you can see the coloration difference in the wooden floor from my camera adjusting for the color saturation.)

When I saw the beautiful Scarlet Evening fabric,
I fell in Lucy-love with it -
(that's a specific fabric love to use in a Lucy block :)...
because I could just see all of those
stripes and swirls and leaves meeting up in a block!
BUT, (notice the BIG but) nothing -
and I mean N-o-t-h-i-n-g in this fabric
is lined up to fussy-cut or mirror!! 
SO... after MUCH finagling and a Swiss-cheese half yard of fabric,
I finally did get one block.  It's not perfect, but passable.

More Lucy-love to come shortly -
I almost have another row completed!

Hope your weekend is wonderful
and happy stitching,


  1. Gorgeous! Making a whole block from one fabric is quite a challenge.

  2. WOW! those are both great blocks! Can't believe that you were able to use only one fabric in each. Beautiful!!

  3. You are my hero and inspiration.

  4. Amazing, they look really wonderful Debra. Some fussy, fussy cutting there. I'm plodding away on my LB but think it time to do the background joining ones now otherwise it could get a bit labour intensive with one colour all the time.Shirley N.Z.


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