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Thursday, January 15, 2015

little pieces from a block of the month

I've put together the top from last year's 
Sew-Along with Quilt Doodle Doodles Block Of the month!
It's a cutie, for sure!
My sincere thanks to Cindy for the free pattern each month.
It was such a fun project!

My finish is a little different 
than the QDD2014 sew-along though, as
I made my blocks smaller than half-sized...
[Cindy's original pattern (quilt finishing 70 by 84 inches) 
had each fabric square cut at 2 1/2 inches, finishing at 2 inches.]
I cut my squares at 1 1/4 inches, 
which then finished at 3/4 of an inch,
and my little quilt finished at 22 by 26 inches.
I'm a little goofy, though.
I have the quilt top pin-basted from the back for hand quilting.
And as I was pin-basting, I'm thinking:
hand-quilting is really NOT a good idea for this little piece...
with each square only being 3/4 of an inch, 
that means that the seam allowances 
cover most of the back of each little block.
So, on to the new quilting plan.
Which I've not really decided on yet. :)
I'll start by removing the basting pins from the back.

Oh, and MORE GOOFY me - 
that bottom row of little 3/4 inch pinwheel blocks 
were not part of the original pattern.
Those are waste corners 
from the snowball Snowmen blocks from the top row.
Also, I opted not to add Cindy's row of really cute Christmas bulbs... (which I made and I'll share later; they will be turned into a little wall hanging banner).
By the way - Cindy of Quilt Doodle Doodles has a new  
Block Of the Month for 2015 -
and the first block is available right now and FREE! 
I've added links, above, in pink, 
if you'd like to jump over and visit Cindy or to join in her next fun BOM! 
(Tell her Debra said HI! :)

Hopefully I'll have the quilting done and ready to share in about a week, with the other BOM participants.


  1. Ice skates! Cool! When I first saw the picture on Bloglovin', I thought they were high top tennis shoes. Too small of a picture on there.

  2. Pinning from the back is a really smart idea! What little pieces - have fun!

  3. I love it! I really like your pinwheel additions as it looks like they are skating on little ice crystals. And, I totally agree with giving up the hand quilting idea, unless you were planning on quilting it with a crowbar! It is so sweet.


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