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Friday, January 30, 2015

the 'little' snow giveaway winner

Thanks to all who visited me on my day of the
Blog Hop!
It was great to play along and see all of the other finishes!!
If you missed it, you can visit HERE to see the others
who also participated!

After my finish of the Winter block of the month
with Quilt Doodle Doodles, 
I had a few extra blocks leftover...
so I put them into a 'little' wall hanging:
It only measures  about 4 inches by 13 inches.

I did the random number thing
and drew a name from all of the comments left on my last post,
and the winner is....
DI, of Quilting is Blissful!
Di said:
What a pretty quilt--
somehow I missed doing this one!!
and as for a row of snowmen--well--
it would go right along fine here today 
as it is snowing outside!!
smiles, di and miss gracie

Congratulations, Di, I've sent you an email.
(Di has a cute blog that you can visit HERE.)

Though I think I'm finished with Winter-y quilt projects inside, 
we did get some more snow outside.
I love snow!
And this storm, though not the blizzard like our friends of the East coast area received,
started here as CHUNKS of snow:
Those large flakes were about palm-sized!,
and were the start of about 6 inches of accumulation.
The three-year-old grandson said they were "tongue catching flakes",
and I agree!
Later that day,  my father-in-law,
who also likes to play in the snow, came to call:
Isn't it beautiful?

I'll be back tomorrow to share a peek of the start of my latest quilt project that's going to a friend in Georgia for Spring.


  1. Adorable and how appropriate your little snowmen are! We got over 2' of the white stuff on Tuesday and more to come tomorrow. Gotta love it because I would never make it in Florida!

  2. Thanks again for the give away---
    I think I would like some of that large snowflakes here--instead of this very very cold temps we are getting--I thought our temps where already cold for this winter--but now they are saying the first of the week will even be colder!!!!!
    Smiles, diandmissgracie

  3. beautiful snow shots! your tiny runner is so cute!!


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