Lucy Boston

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Snow play day and a little freaking out here

Snow day equals sew day in my house!
It's bitterly cold here and the snow is blowing, but beautiful.
The snow plow trucks are scraping and salting outside
and here inside, the needle is flying.
But it's not the cold/snow that's freaking me out.
I just did an inventory on the blocks remaining to do
in my Flags of the American Revolution quilt project. 
There are just three blocks left!
The last block is a little scary when I think about it.
It's the 'signature' block,
where I'll applique my first initial/last name
onto a 10x20 inch block of fabric in 1 1/2 inch tall letters.

OK, I'm not really FREAKING out,
but freaking out.
My last name is 11 letters.
Yes, ELEVEN!!!!!
And, to top off the 11 letters issue?
The block's length is in the quilt vertically.
If I had had ANY forethought,
I would have stitched one of my other, already done blocks in the other layout configuration and switched their placement.

Well, I didn't have the forethought & 
I'm not redoing any of my finished blocks,
so I've laid out A.L.L. 
my (so far) freezer paper letters in three different ways.
I have a preference, but  
which configuration do you like the best? 
 option A - last name all down the side,
with or without the second, bigger star 
option B - last name across and down
option C - last name curved
There is some embroidery in some of the other quilt blocks, so
hand-embroidery would be another option.
Anyway, I'd appreciate your opinion
and look forward to hearing your wisdom.

So I'm putting aside the freaking out, and
back to snow play time for me!

Happy Tuesday!


  1. I like the second option - it reminds me of antique quilts. wow - 11 letters is a lot!
    pretty snow!

  2. I like option B because it has a more folk art look.

  3. I like "C"........but they all look great!

  4. I like the first two equally, but my favorite is the curved option. I can't wait to see it finished. Guess I am lucky in applique - my last name has only 4 letters!

  5. Have you considered just putting in two large letters for your initials? I think any way you do it, it will be fabulous.

  6. I like the bottom one best, but, they all look good.


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