Lucy Boston

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Partly sunny, with a chance of igloos?? And first quilts.

At around six this morning, it was negative 7 here in central Ohio,
with wind chill, it was negative 27.
Pretty cold.  
So cold that the all the local schools called off last night.

As I'm working around the house, 
I think back to what I saw on this morning's forecast.
There was something odd about it.

So I checked back on the weather at about 9 this morning 
and took the photo, below.
On the bottom left - see the Current Conditions?
That's what I had thought odd.
You know it's cold when it's going to be 
partly sunny and igloo-ish. :)
And because school was called off, 
this is what I got to do today:
Above, Granddaughter's first quilt piecing;
and below, sewing on the border!
It was a great day -
great for teaching a new quilter the basics,
and great for staying inside where the igloos aren't.

Happy Stitching!


  1. Too cold for me! But a great way to spend the day.

  2. Oh lucky you! I guess we are too used to igloo weather here in Maine as it was 18 below (without the windchill) at my sister's today and they still had school. It was a balmy 12 below here on the coast. I'm happy that you got to enjoy the frosty day with your little Eskimos!

  3. Now that is cold------if you see any Eskimos you know your in trouble. A good day for sewing.


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