Lucy Boston

Monday, April 6, 2015

a little meandering, and some bunny napkins

Louise has another great-grandbaby,
and I got to quilt her special gift quilt!
I meandered little bees and loops around the cutest little sheep:
Here's the entire, cute quilt:
Didn't Louise do a great job?!

On another note, 
I hosted my family Easter dinner here Saturday evening. 
Here's a picture of one of the table-sets:
I don't know why my family thinks I'm just a little wacky. :)

Happy Monday, and hope your week is wonderful!


  1. Love the baby quilt. Your quilting of the sheep is so clever. They look real. SO how long did it take to fold those bunny napkins?? Too cute!

  2. The curly-q design on the sheep was a good choice. Makes it look like lamb's wool.


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