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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

tax day/mindless sewing

Here in the U.S., it's THE DAY to file income taxes.
Yes, I've already filed and mailed off my $$$$ a while ago. 
I know many folks that file extensions,
as it takes more and more time each year to 'file'.

Even though I'm a 'numbers' person and enjoy 'figuring',
after all of that tax prep and brain work, 
I've needed to let my brain rest a little.
My brain rest-time was wisely used to do some mindless sewing.
My mindless sewing is half-square triangles
for my Strawberry quilt!

There was a little thinking involved earlier...
but hopefully my pre-prepped cutting stacks 
will have been conducive to just sewn, not un-sewing the blocks. :)
The pic above shows a block that has been
snipped and then pressed per the instructions.
Then layered with an over-sized fabric square 
and, below, again sewn and re-cut:
I love working with patterns that are thorough, well-written and have plenty of diagrams.  What I really like about this particular pattern is the well thought out pressing instructions, AND that everything is a little over-sized for trimming down to the exact size.

Here's a shot of my first finished block, 
and the trimmings from that block off to the right:
Over-sizing and trimming makes such perfect little points!

The pattern is Strawberry Social, by Margot Languedoc, ThePatternBasket, Ontario, Canada;  (a picture of the pattern cover is here, that I shared on a previous post).  
I purchased my pattern through a local distributor, so if you like it and HAVE to make one also, just ask at your local shop and I'm sure they can get it for you.
And, no, I have no affiliation with Margot or The Pattern Basket,
I just like the pattern and how well it was written and thought that was worthwhile to share.
Mindless sewing, yet so worthwhile, as it's taken my mind off all the tax work and $$$$ sent. :)

Are you a work 'til-the-deadline or file-it-early type of person?
Do you also need a little mindless sewing (or something similar) after all that tax work?

Happy middle of April!


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