Lucy Boston

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

a little meandering last week

Little by little, I'm building up quilting-steam again
and thank everyone for the well-wishes sent my way.
(Med#5 seems to be working without causing too many ill side-effects,
and thankfully, all test results were negative or benign.)  
I know I'm feeling better, as I have even, 
over the course of the last couple of weeks,
done some meandering!

Here is Bev's quilt that I got to meander over:
(warning - book store head-turn :)
(I don't know why it won't turn right-side up - sorry!)
Bev is in a quilt guild and signed up for the guild's UFQ challenge.
The challenge?  
To list and sequentially number six Unfinished quilts.
Each month of the six month challenge, 
a die would be rolled and the number that turned up
would specify the quilt that would be the next month's 
challenge to finish.
She said:  that of course, the first month the die was rolled, 
her challenge was to finish a quilt that was just blocks in a box!! :)
She had no other fabrics, borders or layout chosen, 
just a box of twelve, pieced blocks from a mystery done a few years ago.

She got right to work and found a piece of stash yardage that had barns on it and decided to incorporate that.  Then she found a border fabric of roses that worked with her pieced block's fabric colors.
Good choices, weren't they?

Her request to me for quilting was to do anything I wanted,
but asked, please, if I'd not quilt over the barns.
Here are a few of the barns and what I came up with for quilting:
In the pics, you can see how I quilted in the pieced blocks, and in the last two pics, you can see the border's quilting also.  The barn fabric itself had just a little foreground design printed, and most of the blocks had clouds printed, so I just added what I thought would be more foreground and scenery.
It was a fun one to quilt and felt good to get back to meandering!

As I finished it up by trimming threads, I remembered: 
I think I have a piece of that Barn fabric...somewhere!  
Now to just come up with some pieced blocks to go with it! lol

I'm off to look through the stash for barn fabric! :)

Thanks for visiting and
Happy Stitching!


  1. Your quilting looks like clouds and hills, etc. You did a good quilting job.

  2. You did a perfect job! Her guild sounds like a fun and happening group. Glad you are f reline better every day!

  3. That barn fabric is great, with all the barn quilts on them. The finished quilt is nice! Good UFO for her.


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