Lucy Boston

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

family & garden fun

Easter weekend was wonderful here.  
I hope yours was also.
The weather cooperated- the rain cleared and it was jacket warm.   
Almost all of the family made it for dinner on Saturday evening,
and then we laughed and carried on, visiting late into the night.
I have too many left-over baked potatoes,
but that's easily remedied eaten.
(note to future self: don't put the pile of baked potatoes at the end of the buffet line!!!)

Sunday afternoon, I did a 
little more playing in the strawberry patch -
The stems are all done, 
and the red/green, zig-zaggy strawberry tops are now half done.
I'm loving how it's coming together.

Mine was a very nice holiday.
Did you have a little stitching time in your weekend?


  1. The strawberries are going to be so cute. Glad your weekend was pleasant. My girls and their kids came over yesterday to help us eat up all the leftovers especially the coconut cake.

  2. glad you had such a nice holiday - it was sunny and I got a little sewing time in too.
    the strawberries look sweet -

  3. So glad to hear your Easter was a happy one. Your strawberries are coming along beautifully. Looks like we may skip over spring here and head right into summer . We'll take it! I can taste the strawberries already!


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