Lucy Boston

Thursday, September 24, 2015

another meandering

My friend, Janet,
I swear is trying to make me look bad!
Not really -
but I just quilted another quilt for her
and it's for her Christmas gifting!!

Yep, she has a whole stack of quilt tops ready for me
to quilt for her and her gifting this year!!
This is the most recent one I got to meander over:
Isn't it a great one??!
I think the fabric was Monsters Inc.
and was SO nice to quilt, with perfect piecing and pressing!
Makes my job fun even more fun!!

Happy Autumn to you!!
and hope you've had some stitching time (or relaxing), also!


  1. Christmas? How is it that I used to so organized that all my gifts were done and wrapped by Thanksgiving? Probably because I had nothing to do but change diapers and cook and clean and... It is lovely and I think I'll go make a Christmas list! Thanks for sharing!


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