Lucy Boston

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

bow ties

I enrolled myself into another block swap!
Do I have my last year's four-patch exchange blocks 
put into a quilt top yet, you ask?
Well, no.  
But that's part of the fun for me...
not just the making of the blocks, 
but mailing them off, 
knowing that they are traveling to places I've never visited, and 
to fellow quilters that I've never met.
Then, in turn, awaiting the arrival of the exchange blocks that someone else made for me,
looking at all of the different fabrics from 
quilting friends around the whole country, and even world!!!
This time, it's a bow tie block exchange that Barb offered 
about a month ago,
with Civil War reproduction fabrics and muslin.
There are forty-one people in the exchange, 
and I needed to make two blocks 
(of different fabrics) for each person,
equaling 82 total, four-inch finished bow ties.
And they are not due until the end of October.
So, YAY, me!
Finished and ready to mail!
and it's still early September!!


  1. YaY! the look great and you are a pro swapper!!

  2. You are done early. I am not a participant but like watching what comes out of the swaps.


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