Lucy Boston

Friday, August 12, 2016

I miss big quilt shows; and living vicariously

Here in central Ohio,
we are no longer host to a big quilt show.
I'm bummed. More than bummed.  Almost depressed.
But it didn't really register with me that I was sad,
until recently seeing friends sharing photos online of
big quilt shows that they've attended.

This area of central Ohio has a great quilter presence!
and many quilt shops,
I'd mentioned Many Times previously, 
to whomever would listen,
when the large show was hosted here locally,
that we were so blessed to have a great show
within reasonable driving distance.
And I may have also mentioned that we should all represent! and
attend in groves!!!

Alas, my words were not heard by enough people...
or we didn't represent well enough.
Now, I could drive the five plus hours north and visit a show this weekend.
Or in October I could drive the ten plus hours west.  But I have things to do here at home!

Many thanks to Rosemary, Judy, and Wendy, and so many others who have shared their
recent quilt show experiences in pictures (especially all the ones from the Sisters show!).
Love you gals and guys!!!

Guess I'll live vicariously through my friends' online pictures
to see what I'm missing, and for my quilty motivation and inspiration!

I'll finish with a couple of pictures of some quilty inspiration 
from previous shows and travels:
A Winner - from past NQA show locally
Good Wives from Ohio One Stop Shop Hop
The back of the bus fun - from Always In Stitches show road-trip


  1. I miss the Ohio show, too...always a good show with lots of great vendors. We used to have a nice show here in Indianapolis, but it's been gone for several years, too. Grand Rapids is around 4 hours from here, and I haven't been to that show.....maybe next year....but I know how you feel.

  2. so fun! Loved your back of the bus photo.
    I've heard the grand rapids show is great. Isn't NQA still in columbus?

  3. We have a local quilt show here but, it is a machine quilting show so those are the only quilts displayed. While they are lovely and I appreciate the artistic work involved. . . I am a hand quilter and miss seeing the rest of the quilts.

  4. I think we are lucky here in NE to have a number of large shows. I still have not been to an AQS show even though my quilts have! I'll keep posting any shows I attend for inspiration!


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