Lucy Boston

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

August is running out...

Not a whole lotta-stitching going on, but
lots and lots of fun times with the family this month -
we revived an old vacation plan and it was a blast.
(I think I've shared before that I love my family and friends?)
It started 20 years ago and every Summer for a decade,
a group of family and friends,
about 50 total, traveled about 5 hours south and
'roughed it'...rustic cabins, campers, tents, or boat living
on a lake for the week...

This time, this year, with all of us being 20 years older,
I didn't know what to expect...
There were 22 total that went.
Three cabins, two campers, and one couple that slept on their boat.
Also four ski boats and a few jet skis.
The cabins were a little more updated, 
but basically it was the same vacation experience that we had 20 years ago...
still good food, still good times, so many laughs and amazing relaxation.
Totally no cell phone service 
(which I thought might be a problem for a certain age group),
was not a problem, at all.
And, the week? It Was Fantastic, and Unplugged.
missing a couple, but for the record, Fun Times!

I did learn that this older body of mine
does not water-ski well any more.  At all.
But I tried and laughed and tried again and again.
And I'll try it again next year.
'Cause that's the plan - to go again next year.
Every single person that went WANTS to do it again,
from the two- and four-year olds up to us pushing-60 folks.
Even the ones that were leery of going in the first place.
Multi-generational vacations are just,
well, a wonderful and fun learning experience. 
For every age group.
Making memories. Making laugh lines. Bonding.
Learning skills or trying to relearn. lol 
Sweet times with family and friends.

Happy end of August!


  1. It sounds wonderful! Glad you got to go.

  2. My brother does something like this, but, it started with college buddies, then added wives, then kids, now the kids are grown and some have kids of their own that come, too. Over 35 years now. I went often, until we moved way too far away (I don't like tents, and that is the only option unless you own a camper).

  3. Oh my, it looks like everyone had a blast! I don't give up my quilting time for many things, but spending time with family and friends is one of them! Thanks for sharing! Now we can all look forward to a cooler and quiltier Fall!


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