Lucy Boston

Saturday, December 31, 2016

Greetings from Central Ohio!

Friends, I wish you:
I hope that this year finishes with happiness & love, 
and that 
brings you great health & prosperity, 
abundance & positivism,
time with loved ones, 
and plenty of time for pursuing your hobbies!

Do you love the busy-ness of the season?
 I do, and it's a good thing, because, 
this morning I have planned:
to attend a cooking class with my daughter.
After lunch,  I'm going to try to sneak in just a little time 
cutting some fabrics in preparation of a new quilt project.
Late afternoon, I'll prep a feast of foods, 
as I'm hosting a dinner and Bowl game/football party 
for about a dozen friends, 
followed by ringing in the New Year together!

Hope your time is just as blessed!  
And see you next year!!! 


  1. Happy New Year Debra, haven't connected with you in a long time but I hope to get back into quilting after a long hiatus.

  2. Happy New Year to you and yours, Deb!
    I hope the new year will be filled with creativity and happiness :-)


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