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Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Just a little Christmas Eve story...

Yes, it has a slight Griswold twist 😒😒 ( ← those are un-amused faces)
Let me set the scene for Christmas Eve:
I'd cleaned and prepped for
The Annual Christmas Eve Family and Friends Feast... 
including, seven appetizers, steak and chicken marinating, twice-baked potatoes and homemade rolls ready to heat, vegetables and salads made and chilling, table set and kitchen back to clean after all the prep... Even had the stockings filled and the gifts all wrapped and under the tree for the grand-kiddos.
It's going on four o'clock, and I have about a half hour before the first arrivals.
I decide I will just sit and put my feet up, awaiting our guests...
dear daughter gets herself a plate of appetizers, Sweetie grabs himself a dinner roll, and I have my big glass of ice water.  Ahhhh.  Half an hour of relaxation and the place looks great, and smells even better!
The ten foot tree crashes to the living room floor!!!
Daughter took the picture before we started the clean up.
Did you know that when a decorated tree falls, that 
all the lights and garlands shift to the floor side of the tree?  LOL
Oh My Goodness.  What a mess.
Broken ornaments everywhere, at least a gallon and half of water went all over the wrapped gifts and old, old quilt/tree skirt and carpet.  

The three of us who had just sat down for a little relaxation had the tree back to it's upright position and were cleaning up the shattered ornaments as the first arrivals (the in-laws) came in.  They thought it was the nights' entertainment and just sat on the couch in front of the disaster and watched cleanup and re-wrap. Wish I had recorded the commentary!! lol 

We all agreed that the 'Christmas Eve Feast 2016' story is one that will be told and retold in the coming decades, and thankfully no one was injured.  
Oh, by the way, the tree is now wired/tethered to the wall.

Hope you all had a wonderful holiday, and that there wasn't quite the excitement that we had!


  1. I'm sorry for laughing, but this was so "my family"! We have indeed had a few Christmas disasters (mostly due to cats!) over the years, but I am so glad to hear that you (like us) can smile and get on with the true meaning of Christmas. Happy New Year! May it be smooth sailing in 2017 for you and your family.

  2. I love the Griswold's Christmas movie. Your story is not nearly as accident prone but still a story to be remembered.

  3. That commentary might be X-Rated. I had a friend who's tree fell over, years ago. Broke about 200 Christopher Raddko ornaments (expensive). I've never had an artificial tree topple, thank goodness. A Christmas to remember, for sure.


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