Lucy Boston

Friday, December 2, 2016

Welcome December! and happy Friday!

That wonderful time of the year!
I'm anxiously awaiting...
the snow!! 
There, I said it.  
I love snow.
I love it all!:  the sharp bite of coldness in the air, 
the crunchiness underfoot when it's so cold that the snow squeaks, 
the sun glistening on the drifts 
making little rainbows of light refracting and twinkling across the meadows.

And, yes, I know that some people H A T E snow.
If I could, I'd gladly take yours that you don't want. 😊❄❅❆

I'm ready for the snow, 
but I've NOT started any holiday decorating around the house, yet...
There's the the long-standing family rule...
that rule is - no decorating until after the first of December
the day of my daughter's birthday!
So AFTER that we can start the holiday decorating.
All I've done toward that so far,
is to remove some of the Autumn decor and quilts.

The 2nd of December?
Fair game!!
Looking for snow and decorating time!!!
And I probably should get to work on those
quilting gift projects!! 

So.... what do you have planned for the weekend??
Happy beginning of December!!


  1. I like snow too - it's so clean and pretty.

  2. Snow makes me feel safe. . . because a snow storm delivers snow in the mountains and means that we'll have plenty of water next summer.

  3. It is snowing here as I write this. It might not last until tomorrow, but for now I will take it! Happy decorating!


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