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Saturday, December 17, 2016

What a beautiful storm

I may have mentioned before that I 
LOVE Winter...
I snapped this picture this past Wednesday morning:
Snowy and blustery... but clear, blue skies...
just love it all! 🙂
And I MAY have been told this before -
more than once:
Funny, I think.  But I do love the snow and cold.
Snow storms and bitter temps means a little more stitching time here, usually.  So maybe that's why I like the snow?

I've not been working on my own quilts much, but finishing up some customer meanderings.
Janet asked me to meander over these two quilts for her twin nephews:
 I didn't realize they were actually TWIN quilts until I put the photos here!!! lol  EXACT twins for twins!
and a couple of closeups:
Funny, that I didn't realize they were EXACTLY the same quilt made twice, until after I'd quilted and returned them to her, and put the pictures here.  I did load one with the green stars at the top, and the other with the green stars at the bottom, so they didn't seem the same when I meandered over them.

She's such a perfect piecer and presser - its always a pleasure to meander over her quilts!
(I also have another quilt of hers finished and ready to give her, so I'll share it next time, after I get it to her on Monday.)

And I'll finish with pictures of my Christmas tree - 
first the family trek over hill and dale to find the perfect tree:
family tree trek 2016 - that's our tree behind the group
And how it stands right now, with lights and berries and popcorn:
Ladder and ornament trunk at the ready!!!
Thanks for visiting, and I hope you all are staying safe, 
toasty warm and getting in some stitches!!


  1. wow great tree! and nice family photo!
    merry christmas to you and your family

  2. I enjoy winter too but it's usually after Christmas that I enjoy it the most. Once the holidays are over and decorations are put away I can sew-stitch-quilt uninterrupted all day long without any guilt or remorse. (As long as dinner is in the crockpot)

  3. Oh what fun! Your tree is beautiful and it looks like a good time was had by all in the tree trek! I love a good storm too and I wish you a very Merry and White Christmas.


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