Lucy Boston

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

grandbaby quilt

Not the typical new baby/crib/layette, I know.
But, a great color/texture/play-on-the-floor-time quilt
(that finished 52 x 52 inches) 
for when he's not a newborn anymore.
Not that I'm wishing time away,
I just know he'll get more use out of this than if it were a newborn size.
And, if I want, I can still make the crib/layette stuff, too, as there are still a couple of months left before he arrives! :)

This is Splash Dance from the book Twosey-Foursey Quilts/Cathy Wierzbicki 

(And, yes, that is the dreaded long-haired-minkie on the back.  It makes you say "grrrrr" when you are long-arm quilting it and it continues to stretch; but so totally worth the effort in the long run!)


  1. What a cute quilt! The few baby quilts I've made are for the babies to 'grow' into, Yours looks like a great size.


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