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Monday, August 8, 2011


And Phew!
And, too busy! (that's the whew)...
But, too fun!

The D-I-L shower went well - visiting and laughing and such cute baby things. 
I was drawing a blank for "the game" and someone suggested
the "classic - Diaper Doo Discovery"... (that's the Phew)
That's a classic???!!! 
Then I mentioned to another friend about maybe doing THAT game,
and she said she loved it.  LOVED IT??  Cracks me up!
I did the Diaper Doo Discovery guessing game.
You know, melt different name brand chocolate bars in disposable diapers.
Then try to guess what each "mess" is by looking closely in and smelling the "dirty" diaper.
Here are the momma-to-be on the right and my DD on the left,
starting "the game"
I have to say, it was hilarious
watching all of these women
watch each other
in the smelling of diapers!
Even the younger cousins got into the game...
(I didn't share a couple of the photos I would have liked to,
because my Aunts would kill me
if they saw I shared their yucky-face-smelling-the-diaper-faces. 
I know I would kill me if it were reversed! 
 And, the reunion is still coming up, so, gotta' live with them, you know?)

So, today is clean-up the shower dishes - you know, all the little glass plates and the punch bowl and pedestal cakes plates - all the standard shower dishes that have to be hand washed and dried,
but make the shower so pretty and special!

After the clean-up, more Whew, as there is laundry calling.
And, then more fun, as there are quilts calling, too.

Happy Stitching Monday!

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