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Thursday, August 25, 2011

out of...

So, I'm out of whack, out of tune, out of...something...
my head is in the clouds, or
like my mind is (figuratively) on vacation.

I blame it on the change of my routine, I guess.

I covered at the LQS for someone on vacation...
and worked four days, not the usual two last week.
Not that that is anything spectacular or honorary or anything like that.

I think it threw off my rhythm. 
I didn't know that I was such a creature of habit.

I'm always up for spur-of-the-moment things.
Just ask me, and I'm in. 

This week, though, I am on vacation - literally.

Not a go anywhere vacation though.
And no one is joining me on my vacation.
It's a getting-ready-for-the-family-reunion vacation.

My paternal family gets together here annually.
This is the family that cooks like we are Amish.
So there are great expectations
 in choosing a few dishes to prepare.
Yes, everyone makes not just one or two items, but many.

As hostess, I always make the main course -
this year, the year of the chicken,
(see previous blog postings of wedding, brother, etc.) 
I am making the entree` of sloppy chicken...
(you know, like sloppy joes but with chicken not beef).

Anyway, I still need to come up with something else that is killer.
Any ideas?

So, off the food for a moment and back to the vacation stuff...
It really does NOT take a week
to get the house ready or cook sloppy chicken for the reunion.

I'm lucky
in that some of the family
comes around during the week before reunion and visits. 
Or we take a road-trip. 
Or something else fun.

This year, a great-aunt and a couple of second cousins and I
are going to road-trip down to Ripley, Ohio
to check out the Rankin House near the Ohio River. 
The Rankin House is a National Historical Landmark
and was an underground railroad station. 
The Rankin House is also part of our family history -
as Sarah Rankin, one of the thirteen children,
 is a great-great-great-something to each of us. 

We're hoping to clear that up in each of our minds! 
Before our minds become cloudy (or cloudier)!

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  1. Do you have a recipe for sloppy chicken? I cook once a month for the Wednesday night meals at church. I'm always looking for new ideas


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