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Monday, August 22, 2011

meanderings from the last couple of weeks...

I haven't shared for a while - sorry!
I haven't been blogging very well the last couple of months,
and it's NOT because I've been vacationing!
I've been here in my home, sweet home,
just doing the usual, I guess.
Well, some of the usual. 

Seems like I've lacked mojo, or something.
here are some of the quilts that I got to meander across...
First up is Linda's:
She's a newbie and is making each of her grandchildren a quilt.
This is her second off her list, and check out her perfectly matched corners!
I love new quilters!
 Here's the close-up of her corners that she matched perfectly:
 Next up is Annette's using her Kaffe fabrics
that she has been collecting for a few years;
She has been quilting quite a while, and she is sooo artistic. 
I could hardly wait to start quilting on this one!
She named it "you are my sunshine"
 Here's a close-up of her requested stitching designs:
She asked me to quilt each block
specifically for the fabric centered in each "sun".
Not only is she great at color, she is also a great piecer! 
Isn't it a beaut?  So much fun!

Next up- Andrea's wall hanging:
 and Shirley's wall-hanging:
Andrea and Shirley are quilting-buds,
and they get together a few times a week and do charity quilts. 
They took a break from the charity-quilt-making
to do a couple of wall-hangings for themselves. 
These are great - but I'm sure not ready for the W-I-N-T-E-R theme!!!

More tomorrow - promise!
I made a quilt (surprise, surprise) for my D-I-L's shower that I'd like to share.
And, I've been stitching (also surprise, surprise)!

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