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Saturday, August 27, 2011

How I keep busy

or pretend to...

I had a "chunk" of Primitive Muslin fabric
(by Primitive Gatherings/Moda)
that was calling out to me...
I love the mottled-ness of the shading
(I'm pretty sure the color is Tallow).

I think it was calling out to be something with some
hand-embroidery stitching on it...
I traced and then crayon-shaded this cute pattern
called Which Witches Boot by Crabapple Hill.
Then I stitched it:
Well, most of it is stitched...
Still need to stitch the ribbon candy,
the pumpkin's collar and the variegated black in the boot.

I stitched it with the designer's color choices
and used the Cosmo threads called for.
The colors are definitely brighter than I would have chosen, but I liked stitching with the Cosmo threads.  They stitch very smoothly and don't tangle easily.
And it sure is cute!

Back to keeping busy!

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  1. Can you explain how to do the crayon shading? Also, I can't enlarge your photo enough to see the stitching details. What stitches did you use on the eyes and the candy corn? This is very, very pretty! I'm just learning so I'm full of questions- sorry!


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